One-stop shop for veteran services

The CVCC is working to establish a Veterans Resource Center building that can house the committee and the efforts of other allied veteran service organizations to offer an independent and supportive environment for Veterans, active duty military, and their families.



a service center

This facility will combine educational support, vocational support, and everything in between. By providing space for local Veteran service organizations, Veterans, military members, and their families can find what they need under one roof. 

a support system

This Center will be a resource for Veterans, military members and their families to access facilities, resources, and familiar faces. By championing the holistic approach to improving personal and professional outcomes through the delivery of wrap-around services throughout the region, the Center will be the trusted rally point for our community to educate and engage with others to serve those who served. 

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a gathering place

The center will be a gathering place for a community of veterans, active duty military, family members and friends. The facility environment will be uplifting and inspiring so that the Veterans will have ownership of the space.