The cvcc exists to improve access to vital resources for military members, veterans, and their families

The Chicago Veterans Coordinating Committee will fill a major need by coordinating Chicago-area Veteran service organizations that are often limited in scope and reach and, in so doing, improve access for the military-connected community to existing programs and resources. 

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Connect Military Community to Services

Through our partnerships, the CVCC addresses the needs of current military members, Veterans, and their family members. Our partners cover a variety of personal and professional needs, including school support, employment help, and networking opportunities.


Coordinate Across Service Organizations

The Chicagoland area hosts a diverse and wide-ranging community of service organizations. By connecting with the CVCC, your organization will have access to a network of resources, best practices, and mutual support from leaders working towards the same goal.


Prepare for the Future

With your help, the CVCC will establish a Veterans Resource Center to house Chicago's Veteran service organizations and create a one-stop shop for military and Veteran services.